My European Love

12. und 13. April, 20 Uhr in Alte Münze Berlin, Am Krögel 2, 10179 Berlin

“My European Love“ is a journey of a woman through guilt, fear, and Europe. The play tells the story of Marina, her refugee status, and her life with a new partner. Her experience of exile and the crumbling relationship with her partner’s son, sharpen the existential dread that comes with the plays final question – to either stay in Europe or return home.

with Ada Philine Stappenbeck, Kristoffer Nagel, Sinje Kortenhaus, Ida Hupfauer

Directions by Satchel Reemtsma
Author and Dramaturgy by Irina Serebriakova
Costume by Lenna Stam
Music by Kudzai Chizema
Technische Direktion by otto

Photos and Video by Alexey Amelyushkin

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